The Naughty Live Webcam Adventure – Part 1

Sex Novel

The guy is on a business trip without any company. Since he finished his meeting quite late, there aren’t many people left in the bar of the hotel where he’s staying. Just a few more guys, like him, drinking something after a long working day. He decides to go to his room and relax in the only way he knows how to fully relax.
Once he’s in his room, he turns up his laptop and goes on his favorite live girl cams porn site. He scrolls through the many profiles and finds a hot girl who is apparently also giving a live sex webcam show. He decides to watch her a bit. She’s a gorgeous girl, probably in the end of her twenties. The guy can see her perfect belly and her boobs, hidden behind a revealing white lace bra. They look big and perky and turn him on immediately. He decides to say hello. Not long after, he gets an answer back.

“Hello there”, the girl cam novel
“You look very beautiful tonight”, the guy answers.
“Why thank you. That’s very kind of you.”
“Are you having fun yet? You look kind of lonely.”
“It’s a bit silent tonight, yes. What are you up to tonight?” the girl asks then.
“Not much, just enjoying the view here”, the guy answers.
“Do you have the need to go private with me?”
“I could, but I don’t have a cam”, the guy says hesitantly.
“That’s too bad. I really wanted a cam-to-cam tonight. I guess you’ll just have to watch me please other guys, then.”
“Why? Can’t you do a show for me if I pay you?”
“No, sorry. I really want some interaction today.”

The guy feels disappointed but decides to agree. He keeps watching the girl, talking to other guys, but she doesn’t really move that much. He continues to inspect her outfit. He sees a white see-through lace bra and also see-through lace panties. The rest of her body is covered with a satin robe, which hangs casually from her shoulders. She looks so comfortable with herself and just when the guy wou
ld sign off and find a video to jerk off to, she starts moving. Her hands start to massage her boobs, and after a while she would take her boobs one by one out of the cups. Her beautiful pink nipples were perky and hard and she would squeeze them softly. The way how the cups push up her boobs is just so hot. The guy would again get really hard and would take out his big cock to rub it. She reaches up to adjust the camera, and as she is moving it, he catches a quick glimpse of her computer monitor. The man that she is chatting with becomes visible for just a second. He looks like a hot, young guy. He was completely naked and stroking a very large cock. When the camera finally comes to its new resting place, the guy was looking directly up between her legs. The camera also revealed that her panties were very wet…

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