The Naughty Live Webcam Adventure – Part 2

Sex Short Story

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Part 2

The young man directing the show seemed to have captured her total attention and was doing a good job of getting her hot. She sits back and then slowly begins to massage herself on the outside of her panties. The damp spot that the guy had noticed earlier had become very large. Every so often her finger would move inside the panties, gently massaging her wet pussy lips. Her cam lover must have wanted to see more and directed her to remove the panties. Slowly she lowered her panties and revealed her very beautiful pussy. The guy couldn’t speak for her cam lover but his big cock was standing up high and ready for action. The guy had to stop stroking his cock for a bit because he didn’t want to cum yet. Throwing the panties aside, she returns to her task of pleasing herself and putting on a show for her video lover. She had spread her legs wide apart and was holding her pussy lips open to reveal her swollen clit.
She was having a good time and giving her clit all the attention it was calling for. As she continued to massage her clit, she would then ease one, then two fingers into her soaking pussy. It was very easy to see the juices seeping from her pussy and running down her smooth thighs. She would on occasion take one of her fingers and put it in her mouth and taste her juices. If her actions were still being directed by her play partner, he was doing a hell of a good job.


free live camsThe guy notices that the actions would get faster and faster every minute. She would rub her little swollen clit faster and faster. The guy would hold his breath and watch in awe how she rubs her clit especially for her cam lover. He wishes that he could rub his tongue all over her delicious pussy. How his tongue would enter her and please her. He would make her orgasm so hard that she would squirt in his mouth. The girl seems to almost climax because she rubs her clit now really fast and even lifts up her hips from the chair. She spreads her legs even more and juices start to pour out of her pussy. He cannot hear the girl, but it’s obvious that she would be groaning really hard right now, maybe even screaming! She suddenly lifts her hips up high and stops rubbing. Her hips and legs are obviously shaking and the guy can see her belly go up and down fastly, meaning that she’s out of breath. He cummed together with the girl, so that means that his hands and legs are now all covered with cum. He decides to quickly get a towel.


When he returns to the bed, he can see that the girl has started to clean herself up too. She pushes her fingers one by one in her pussy and then slowly goes up, over her belly to her boobs, to her chin and to her mouth. She licks every finger one by one slowly, making the guy hard again. Oh how he wishes that his dick could fit in her perfect mouth with those beautiful red lips. They would look so lovely on his dick. He decides that the next time he would pack a cam every time he goes on a business trip. He wouldn’t want to miss another opportunity like this. The guy decides to jerk off a bit more, while the girl is licking her lips, her fingers and rubbing her pussy a bit more. But then after a while she would get up and get dressed slowly again. She would type something to her cam lover, bend over and blow a kiss to the cam. Then everything would go dark. The show is over, but the guy had a lovely night. Satisfied, he would go to sleep. Dreaming of those perfect boobs, pussy and lips.

The End

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